Sunday, August 05, 2007

Prepare yourselves, gents...for our ONE MINUTE LONG MOVIE! Yeah, it took us 18 hours to film about 45 seconds of animation. Aww, the joys of stop-motion. =P

Small Quicktime (1.98MB)
Small WMV (1.08MB)

High quality H.264 and WMV versions up soon...


Elyse said...


That was good. I like it.

Especially the part when the lego guy flips the big gun around and shoots another lego guy and he explodes.

That was a great moment.

Jesta said...

"Terrific. Four stars."

jay logan said...

i can't even began to contemplate how much paitence that would need to get everything just right...
needless to say i am impressed.
good job.:]