Friday, April 20, 2007

This made me laugh.

Andrew: yucky
oh okay. That's what i thought.
^channels Andrew and punches Hugh through chest^
9 minutes
11:07 PM Hugh: ^rips out andrew's soul and eats it^
Andrew: ouch
11:09 PM ^blows hugh's stomach open with 12-gauge and steals soul back^
11:11 PM Hugh: dude you are already undead, i ate your soul
Andrew: But now you're totally dead since there's a gaping hold in your gut.
11:12 PM Hugh: but you are undead, aka a zombie and shotguns are zombie repealt so there for you just repelled your self and are really far away and the undead are always slow
11:13 PM so ha
Andrew: aww. I guess I'll just eat you then.
Hugh: ^shoots andrews head off his neck by sniping a 50 caliber^
Andrew: And my soul along with you.
Hugh: i sniped you before you got close fool
11:14 PM Andrew: ^chucks severed head toward hugh^
^head proceeds to eat hugh to death^
Hugh: when a zmobie loses its head it can no longer function
Andrew: says who?
Hugh: the rulles
and marvel
Andrew: I'm a zombie, not a zmobie
So ha!
11:15 PM I ate marvel yesterday
Hugh: hey i claim bad typer so there for i win you lose
sucka fool
Andrew: therefore is one word.
Hugh: depends on how you use it
i never said i was good at grammar
Andrew: And Moses Lake is better than Pullman!
11:16 PM Hugh: WSU > Witworth
Andrew: Please. Our non-scholarship football team would smashpound your fancy recruited one.
11:17 PM Whitworth p00ns WSU!
Hugh: doubtful
Andrew: hehe
Hugh: our basketball team could be yours
plus our school could in general beat up yours
Andrew: well, yeah, probably, maybe, possibly, slightly.
11:18 PM Hugh: i win
Andrew: But we're so much cooler!
Hugh: nope
Andrew: yep
Hugh: whats yoru mascot?
Andrew: a pirate
Hugh: forget that question
11:19 PM Andrew: right!
Our mascot's better.
Hugh: ok i cant counter that, but our school is better
Andrew: How?
Hugh: cause i can beat you up
11:20 PM Andrew: Our mascot's better.
Hugh: i can still beat you up
11:22 PM what do you have to say to that!
huh huh?
thats what i thought
Andrew: Our mascot's better.
11:23 PM And our campus is pretty.
Hugh: doesn't change that our shcool can beat up your school
Andrew: ...and the ratio of girls to guys is like 5 to 1.
Beat that.
11:24 PM Hugh: you say that till the spring whent he girls lay out on the hills in swimsuits or less, then i would say at that point our campus is much prettier
Andrew: my mom just saw that.
Hugh: hello, mrs gjefle
Andrew: she says hi. She just left, though.
11:25 PM Hugh: i am serious, hills of them
Andrew: hahaha! It's all about the number, though. You might have two to pick from or so. I have five.
And our mascot's better.


Hugh said...

darn you two, remove that.
or at least get the part where i channel pete.

Elyse said...

Our mascot can beat up Andrew's mascot. Seriously, if you put a cougar and a pirate in a room who comes out alive? Unless that pirate happens to have a gun, but still. The cougar couild pretty much dominate.

My college's mascot is a titan. It's weird. I call the Cougs my team, because well.. They are.

Cory said...

Siper-Mans is my mascot. You all lose twice.