Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I have predicted five things in Spanish class and every one of them came true immediately.

The first time, the teacher was randomly selecting people to be in a story and I, for some reason, thought to myself, "She's going to call that girl." Right after thinking that, the teacher pulled a name from her box and read it. It was the girl. I thought, "wow...that was weird."

Then another time, teacher lady was doing the same thing for a different story and I thought, "I'm going to be in this story. She's going to pick my name for the next part." She reached into her box, pulled out a name and said....."Brian Bridges!"

That same situation happened again just a couple days ago too.

Also, last week I don't remember why, but I was thinking about somebody saying something that made me mad and I was like, "Good thing the teacher in this class hasn't said that. Watch, she probably will today." Just a moment later she said it like 9 times. I'm not even kidding.

And today, she was selecting people at random to read sections of a story in Spanish. About half-way through, she was looking through her box of names and I thought, "This next one is going to be me." She pulled out the name and yet again, said "Brian Bridges!"

It's pretty weird, man. Those are the only predictions I've made but they've ALL come true almost instantly. Should I be nervous? >_>

PS I finally saw the Washington quarter. It has a fish jumping out of some water with mountains in the background. Not what I'd dreamed and fantasized about. Yes, I have dreamed and fantasized about what our quarter would look like. Pathetic I know.

PS2 It's 12:34:56.

PS3 becca once told me that P.S's must be signed with writer's initials. Hence:



Elyse said...

Dude man Brian! You should draw what our quarter /should/ have looked like. That would be pretty cool.

Maybe you are developing psychic powers... ;)

Jay Logan said...


Sir Brian The Manly said...

lol, although I'm not entirely sure yet, I think I can only foretell the future, not shape it with my thoughts. =)

Jay Logan said...

now i might actually have to WORK for it!