Monday, April 23, 2007

THIS is why Moses Lakers have more fun. This is a fantastic comic we randomly decided to make last night. Go read it. Right now.

Neighbors - Starring: Andrew Gjefle, Brian Bridges, Jacob Lightel, and Trevor Linville


Elyse said...


You guys are such nerds.... And you have so much time on your hands! It could be better spent feeding orphans.... ;)

That was pretty funny. Especially what you and Andrew had on, unless you actually wear clothes like that and then just never mind.

Cory said...




more I.

I will make my own.

But it will be poser V_V



Jesta said...

um...that was amaZING

PassiveAssassin said...

You are royalty.

Sir Brian The Manly said...


I actually am in the process of making one starring four of me, but I wasn't able to finish because mom called me into work. Then I showed what I had to the other dudes and they wanted to make one so we did this. It was super fun.