Thursday, September 16, 2010

So the new movie about my Aunt is coming out: Thor. The fact is, I don't think there is a way to turn Thor into a "believable" live action movie. The Dark Knight and Iron Man were fictional over the top physics defying movies, but they tweaked them just enough that the suspension of disbelief held the audience in the stories, even though they were far fetched. The Joker seemed kind of real, he wasn't just a cartoony guy with makeup. He felt like a psychopath. Iron Man's technology was too far out there but at the same time we could almost see it happening in today's modern world.

I don't think Thor, however, will have that ability to take a fictional world and make it down-to-earth enough that the audience buys it. The story is just too comic-bookish. Therefore, my hope is that instead of them trying to make it believable, they focus instead on believable character personalities, believable conflicts within the silly story, and some AWESOME Asgardian warfare. If we can't identify with the story, I want to at least identify with the characters and their problems, and I want to see some serious godlike beings lay the smack down on some seriously huge bad guys.

I want to see this.