Saturday, September 11, 2010

Just because macs have gotten better over the years doesn't mean they aren't fun to make fun of. Is it proper to end a sentence with, "of"? Also, does end-of-sentence punctuation go inside the quote or outside, using the example of the preceding sentence?

I'm listening to three new Decemberists songs and they're totally laid back and folky. Not sure if I'm digging it. And folky is a peculiar word. Folk. If I ever wrote a folk album I would call it, "Brian vs. the Folkcano." (see, that time I put the end-of-sentence punctuation INSIDE the quotes. I'm not being consistent at all.)

The other thing I tend to wonder (not that there was a first thing) is, have I actually gotten better at spelling over the years, or have I just started using browsers that spell-check for me? Now I'm paranoid that Firefox is the source of my alleged intelligence and it's all just an illusion.

I should probably stop eating food that kills people.

That's all for now.