Thursday, February 28, 2008

It's time for Brian's Top 20 Creepiest Songs List!

So there are a lot of different types of creepy...there's like haunting creepy, disturbing creepy, gross creepy, screaming girls creepy, and the list goes on. Therefore these songs are somewhat difficult to rate, but in this case, I just put them in the order of which songs personally creep me out the most based on how they sound (not so much on their lyrics or anything. Although many of them are also creeepy.) So here we go! Click on the song title to listen to it.

1. Radiohead - Climbing Up The Walls
First on the list, by default, is Radiohead. They should automatically take first in any creepy songs list because they're Radiohead. It's really quite unfair, because nobody can hope to compete with them. And this song....takes the cake. The creepy cake. So it's #1.

2. Showbread - Sampsa Meets Kafka
Next up is Showbread. This song is only 1:20 long but sweet mother of all that is jibbly jibblies, does it ever come in 2nd! *shudder*

3. Muse - Micro Cuts
In 3rd we have Muse with their very shrill song: Micro Cuts. Not only is the song itself super creepy...but so is the fact that this guy can even sing as high as he does. Yikes.

4. Björk - Declare Independence
Björk has problems. I think it's the fact that she's Icelandic. The result is some truly disturbing music, and this song is most definitely no exception. The part at 2:30 makes me want to curl up and hide in a corner.

5. Radiohead - We Suck Young Blood
Hey look, it's Radiohead again! What a surprise! I don't know, maybe this song should be higher on the list. I just feel bad for the other bands because it's so hard to be this creepy, so I guess I'll leave it at five and make everybody else feel like they've got a fighting chance. =þ

6. Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - Sleep Is Wrong
uuuhhhh........yeah I don't even know man. They're avant-garde metal, what can you do? I'll just say they're disturbingly creepy and move on.

7. Muse - Yes Please
I'd actually never heard this song until just now when I found it on Andrew's previous creepy songs list. I thought it was worthy of mine as well.

8. DIES - Does This Inspire You?
DIES is a solo project by Showbread's lead singer, and this song has similarities to Sampsa Meets Kafka, so it got on the list without too much trouble.

9. Björk - Hunter
Yet another creepy song brought about by Björk's Icelandic peculiarities. A different kind of creepy than Declare Independence, but the haunting vocal effects and the weird techno-string things put it at number 9 on the list. (P.S. Watch the video at your own risk. Seriously, this girl is weird, man. o_0 )

10. Flyleaf - I'm So Sick
Awww, Flyleaf! Awww, girl's screaming! Ahhhh, nightmares!!

11. Norma Jean - Face:Face
This song actually used to scare me when I was like 10 or 11. I've grown to like Norma Jean over time, after hearing some of their other stuff, but the bad dreams this song gave me didn't help any. =þ

12. Evanescence - Hauted
This song's chorus is fairly normal sounding, but the verses are....haunting. Who would've thought?

13. Skillet - Fingernails
John Cooper would do well to make more heavy disturbing songs like this one. He's just got such a good voice for it. =D

14. I Am Ghost - Dark Carnival Of The Immaculate
I Am Ghost almost always mentions either death, kisses, vampires, darkness, and some other disturbing things in like...all of their songs. They'd definitely be higher on the list if my rating was based off of lyrical content. o_O

15. Project 86 - Solace
It's those ghostlike background voices, man. Yikes.

16. Blindside - King of The Closet
Yay, vampires! Vampires are creepy! Hence, this song is creepy because it's about vampires! ...oh wait, I said I wasn't judging lyrics. Weeell...he does have a creepy-ish scream, and the chorus is somewhat disturbing. And this song used to scare me alongside Norma Jean. ^_^

17. Project 86 - Chimes
Any song called Chimes that has soft whispery lyrics sung beside a low thumping bass like this, with heavy pounding guitar in the chorus, gets a place on my creepy songs list.

18. The Used - Bird and The Worm
This song isn't too creepy in like the chorus and stuff, but the deep choir voices and the weird string plucking gets it a place on the wall of my Hallway of Creepy Songs.

19. Johnny Cash - Hurt
At first I thought the Nine Inch Nails version of this was creepier, due to the weird guitar...but then I thought, "This is a creepy Nine Inch Nails song that is being sung by an old folk singer." And I found that somewhat disturbing, so I voted for Mr. Cash.

20. Decaying Lawn - ZOMG Teh Fairies
I just added this one 'cause I needed a 20th song. Not to mention the fact that being on a Top 20 Creepiest Songs List will get us more publicity. h00ray! It is creepy, but mostly it just makes me laugh. Hai!


shark like a fox said...

"Hunter" is not Bjork's creepiest video. Actually the entire Medulla album has the creepiest videos in the world. At one point she puts on a big feather suit and gives birth to a guy in a haystack costume.

Sir Brian The Manly said...

That's gross. And I was observing the songs themselves. >_<