Sunday, February 24, 2008

Current future life update (current future?)...So the plan is, I'm going to sell pretty much everything I own except for maybe my work clothes and give the money to the poor through whatever organization seems best. Various reasons include, demonstrating to the Lord that I love Him more than I love my possessions, being free of distractions to let Him work with me, doing what I feel he wants me to do, and just as an adventure to kind of see what comes of it and what it's like to be free of stuff. And there are more reasons and benefits, I'm sure. I'm just glad he hasn't asked me to give him my only son (I don't have one by the way) like Abraham. =P

Then, this is something that came up last night, so it's not entirely solid, but I think I might go to some other town or somewhere for about a week or so and just either live out in the streets or in a vehicle if I have access to one, and take nothing with me but the clothes on my back and my Bible. Maybe a guitar or something. That plan still needs some more thought though.

Anyway, if you desperately want any of my things, I'll probably sell it to you for less than I got it (unless I got it for free as a gift, heh). I've got a washburn guitar, a keytar, a melodica, some pretty sweet superhero shirts, and like...stuff. I think I'll give Andrew first pick at my CDs since he'll appreciate it most, heh. yep. Hai!


Father Cory said...

Are you for sale?

Sir Brian The Manly said...

Sorry, already sold. =(

Father Cory said...

Poop. I'll tell your wife.

Bethany said... first i was like what the eff mate?

and now i'm like....dude. i have THE most awesome brother...yeah ever.

Anonymous said...

That's so cool Brian. =)