Saturday, December 08, 2007

Oh my word, that post was making me gag at the mere thought of it. *shudder*

Whatever Kristen had and whatever Bethany got, I now have. I ctrl-z'd my foods through the night. I just want to say, I feel really really bad for all the ladies that spawn new characters into the first person adventure of life. I hope I never have a baby.


Elyse said...

Now you really need to get some Pepto Bismol...

Just try it anyway.

Elyse said...


I thought you said spawn, but I was like, "No... Brian wouldn't have said that."

But you did!


Bethany said... have my sympathy...

hey wanna have a who is more miserable contest?
i am in pain in my stomach, back, and upper chest, i can't hardly walk, and i can't eat because it makes me quite ill!
oh geez isn't it fun to have the plague?

Sir Brian The Manly said...

Elyse: It's a gaming term, I wouldn't use it in any other way. >_<

Bethany: I think that should be "can" hardly walk? Wait...I don't know. But my head hurts, my neck hurts, my torso hurts, my eyes hurt, everything hurts when I move, and my limbs are numb.

Father Cory said...

Hea. Vens.

shark like a fox said...

good times, eh? i think it might have been the plague also because it kind of lingered with me a few more days and food poisoning is usually only 24 hours. either way..suxxxxs.

p.s. imagine puking like that for 3 months!!!!!!! *welcome to my hell*

Sir Brian The Manly said...