Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I loooooooove to eat foods and play games!! =D =D

At Faith's birthday party last Sunday, people were given assignments to fill out stuff about Faith. Mom was assigned to write a story....

Faith Appreciation Night

Describe an imaginary "worst date ever" for Fath.
"Mr. Wrong" takes her out- where does he take her, and what do they do? Please write as if it was an entry in her diary.
(NOTE: if the guy in your story is Darren, you automatically fail this assignment)

Dear Diary,
Tonight I (Faith) went on the worst date of my life. I went on a date with a younger man. His name was Brian Bridges. He looked like a very handsome guy I used to know- it was almost like he was a brother. Anyway, Brian came up to my door in a Spider-Man shirt. We went to the curb and there was his big white van. In the back of the van were 13 dead computer monitors his dad wanted him to take to the dump. He said he was waiting to see if someone would steal them and then he wouldn't have to go to the dump. He said it had worked once before. When I asked him where we were going, he said we were going to a dance, or maybe a concert, or maybe to go play video games with some of his friends. I GROANED out loud when he said video games. He said he didn't have enough gas to get to the friend's house anyway, so we went to the dance. The band was so loud I couldn't even hear myself screaming at him to get me out of there. When he climbed up on a tall guy's shoulders and started dancing up there, that's when the authorities threatened to throw us out. I was so embarrassed. When he tried to get me to go into the mosh pit, I knew we were not going to be dating long. We finally left. I told him I was hungry. Why I ever confessed that, I don't know! He said he didn't really have money, but he had an idea. He took me to a place he said he could afford. It was his mom's café. We came in a back door through a computer store. I had to make my own sandwich and he insisted I wear gloves to make my own food. We ate in the dark because he was afraid that if he turned on the lights, customers would try to come in. Then he said it was time to go home because Andrew, his buddy, was coming over to play guitars and drums. He wanted me to join them. I said no, thank you. When he dropped me off, he said, "well, we didn't have much fun, did we?" I said, "no" so he said, Bye. Then I said, "Bye."


Father Cory said...

Best. Worst. Date. Evar.

Jesta said...

That is Humor-Album worthy.

Hugh said...

brian you need to work on your skills at dating -20 skill points.
actually you should lose more since i could see the parts that haven't happened yet actually happening.