Monday, November 05, 2007

P.S.!!! I forgot to mention, I DIDN'T KNOW it was daylight savings last weekend because neither Cory NOR Jesse did their usual complaint about it! ¬_¬

My hair is ridiculous right now.

6:50 PM Father: Dude
me: Dude
Father: Go to my blog.
Music video.
me: texted back. plz read. >_>
Father: o.
me: or I can just tell you. =D
Father: Wot.
me: I'm on dial-up
Father: BAH
me: but I can check it out as soon as possible. O_O aka tomorrow)
Father: Why is dial-up still legal?
6:51 PM me: hahahaha!
My dad is an internet provider, he has special privilages. ^_^
Father: Seriously.
You should be on T1 right now.
me: lol
Father: Not crapdial.
Dial is a soap.
Not an interwebs.
me: we could get dsl but dad doesn't want it because he thinks we'll spend too much time on the internet. >_<
soap. XD
6:52 PM And they didn't put fiber in our side of the base. T_T
Father: Lamesauce.
me: w0rdsauce.
Father: Hey, but everyone says to have fiber as part of your nutritious diet.
me: w0rdsauce. O_O
That's why I get mine at the store. =D
6:53 PM Father: I get mine at home.
me: I've been too annoyed by boldness, so I just go wins now.
ouch, that guy got L'd in the eye! XP
6:54 PM anyway, dinner's time, so I gotta go a'fooding now
Father: Signed me out. Stupid interwabs.
6:55 PM me: ohs. =(
Father: kri.
me: okay I will
during dinner.
Father: Time 2 listen 2 paramore.
me: k
bai! bai! bai!
Father: You should blogquote this convo.
me: k. XD
Father: k.


Father Cory said...

Go to my blogs.

Father Cory said...

Oh man! I fogot!

Father Cory said...

P.S. I just found "Runny Eggs and Orange Juice" again...the one with you singing...this is the BEST EVAR XD

Sir Brian The Manly said...

Hahahahaha!! It's sooooo terrible! XD