Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Charlie: I just sent an email to my grandma that said: "Hi Grandma... I'm just wondering how your pterodactyl zoo is coming along. Don't you have giraffes also?"
me: Hahahahahaha!!!
Charlie: what? o_O
you know, I really don't enjoy this humanities thing I have to do.
yays! no more homework!
me: I just think it's really funny that your grandma has a pterodactyl zoo
Charlie: she doesn't. o_O
where the cow did you get that idea?
my mom told me to send her a weird email so I did. >_>
me: can I send your mom a weird email?
Charlie: okay! O_O
ok so spanish I never do homework for, and besides I'm getting like 99.99995683598396385% in that class because my last name's Garcia
checks off
humanities I'm just ignoring... just sort of hoping none of these huge assignments on this sheet are due tomorrow
math I did (most of ¬_¬) for some unknown reason even though I'm getting above 95% in that class >_<>_<
IS is weird
yay! dones!


rosanne said...

See, that entire conversation held no entertainment value for me because I know EXACTLY what he's talking about for everything (I even know the reply to the pterodactyl zoo, and the reasons behind sending the email, etc), and it sort of just sounds like a completely normal conversation to me. :-P

Amelia said...


now see, I would have said "prude" instead of "immature", but there you go


Elyse said...

I'm not going to lie, you are way more immature than me.

I told Amelia today that, "I am a vile human being." And she started laughing so hard that she began crying.

Anyway. I'm not sure why I just said that. Buuuuuut anyway.