Friday, February 23, 2007

Sweet Jumpin' Jamba Juice, my mom just brought home the biggest pineapple I've ever seen! O_O

I have almost finished recording some weird guitar music, but I don't have any words. Therefore...Give me some song ideas and whichever one I like the most, I will use for my weird guitar music.

EDIT: It's not a heavy song (I mean it's acoustic for goodness sake.) but would be nice if I could have something in the topic to kind of yell about. ^_^ Also: It's kind of depressing minor music, so a sad or spooky or angry topic would be best. Maybe semi-Zombie Sheepish or something. Except not quite. But yes, minor key.

If all goes well, I'll be taking more Spanish, Watercolors, and something else this Spring quarter. (en la primavera.)


Hugh said...

Your character is: a nervous clone
Your object is: 27 gold doubloons
Your setting is: an elementary school
Your character is: Silent the Squid
Your object is: super-glue
Your setting is: a family reunion

or go here and click reload a few times

Elyse said...

It's 12:11 and I'm contemplating watching Nacho Libre, so I'm not sure how well my creative juices are flowing.

A few ideas, squirrels with bacteria glands spitting on Paris Hilton in a laundry mat (I'm pretty sure this actually happened, although I can't see Paris Hilton doing laundry in a laundry mat when she probably has like 5 washers and dryers in her 5 different homes....), gnomes are my best friends (a personal favorite) and What Would a Unicorn Do? (would it frolic in a meadow? Chase a rainbow? Majestically gallop? Impale evil things?....).

OK, so the Unicorn stuff I stole from my choir folder from last year. Kristy gave me a folder with a unicorn spinner on it and it says, "WWUD?" And then you spin the unicorn and whatever it lands on, that's what it would do.

Well, this is probably the weirdest comment I have EVER made. Forgive me....

Jay Logan said...

something with wearing a tinfoil hat being spider man and saving the world from giant insaine alien lemon people.

rosanne said...

Dude, you used jamba juice and pineapple in the same SENTENCE. excellent.

Sir Brian The Manly said...

Hugh: Hahaha I got one that said A Woman Made of Ham! XD

Elyse: No. I won't forgive you. ;)

Wolverine's Cousin: heheh

zAny: I've still never been to a Jamba Juice place. =)

Father Cory said...

They have Jamba Juice in Washington?

rosanne said...

Heck yes! It's only the best.

Podrias leer todo que digo ahora, en espanol?

Sir Brian The Manly said...

Well since all I knew from that sentence was leer, que, ahora, en, and enspanol, no not quite. Maybe next quarter.

But I can probably make up a story in Spanish about some girls eating spiders! =)

Jay Logan said...

mindless conformism maybe? being an outcast?
(yumm...spiders...i recommend trantulas)

Kaits said...

my shampoo smells like jamba juice. *smells* mmmmmmmmmm...

That place rocks! You get gourmet smoothies for cheaper then foolbucks.