Tuesday, February 27, 2007

It's time for some out of context quoting from recent chat logs!!

Charlie: I have a mysterious bone that like pops out of my jaw or something
me: want to borrow my pocket knife?
Charlie: yes and no
me: dude you just hosed yourself
Charlie: that can't be good
me: I'll tell her.
me: you're just a meany-pants
me: hmph

Gerry: Is it raining?
me: heh, nope
me: the teacher threw a rubber banana at me today
Gerry: Ugh. You are teh fired.
me: ah, beauty
Gerry: Yeah... I like to cloud gaze... :)
me: lol excellent
me: have ummm...fun with that. ;)

Charlie: hi dad
me: wow, you're such a romancer
me: now send that to all the girls you know

Gerry: I'm a ninja.
me: do they have a lot of seeds?
Gerry: Yes. They are helpful to release hyper-ness.
me: that's like hugh
Gerry: YES.
Gerry: That's gross.

Charlie: ok well if you'll excuse me I have to write a song involving bethany and a flying hippo
me: use tape
Charlie: um ok

me: lol, don't worry, I think I'm incapable of swearing. ^_^
Gerry: Good for you Brian, you have been blest.

wraithleader0: you do great girl scream
me: lol well the only people I talk to are you and Charlie
wraithleader0: haha how mad was your sister over the using her account thing?
me: she didn't say anything about it
wraithleader0: she is hotter then your mom so yeah sorry
me: I see
wraithleader0: dude she can draw better then you too
me: yep
wraithleader0: literally
wraithleader0: but she wont go out with me
me: hahaha

Charlie: I love you my sweetie sweetie swizzlehizzle!
me: wow
me: Now I'm hungry. =(

me: Good heavens
Gerry: ....
Gerry: I need to go..

Gerry: BRIAN!!!!!!!!
me: ELYSE!!!!!!!!!
Gerry: I'm collapsing on the keyboard.
me: (lol, yeah I've experienced that)
me: (...except with girls ^_^ )
Gerry: LOL
Gerry: Yes....

me: (wow this lag is killing my spelling, heh)
Gerry: Yes...Sad
Gerry: Hey, here's some cheese for you.
Gerry: And I mean that in the best possible way.

And now, this last one is so bizarre that I'm not even going to quote it out of context. I'm just going to post it exactly as it is:
Charlie: agh no
me: gwah
Charlie: is it the one?
me: it just might be!
Charlie: aww
I'm offended by that
I miss you!
me: that I left you for like 2 seconds
Charlie: eat a sandwich!
me: i can't =(
Charlie: be a table!
me: i can't =(
Charlie: lick your teeth!
me: i can't =(
Charlie: ...


Elyse (aka Alfredo) said...

Wow.... I don't think my words have ever been so taken out of context, although it was pretty funny to read.

Sometimes I wish I could be that random.

Jay Logan said...

reminds me of when i flip channels on the t.v. and it sounds like they're actually trying to say something.