Monday, August 09, 2010

Stumbled upon my log from my four days of living out of a car in Ferndale, WA.
Also see the photos I took on the trip here.

Day 01: Thursday
  • Woke up in car. Raining outside. Not too cold in here though.
  • Read Bible. Now making plans for what's next.
  • Brushed teeth at McDonald's bathroom. ( o_O ) Got McDouble and water for breakfast. "I'm lovin' it." Haha..
  • Went around using camera. Not but four to six pictures later is said low batter. Confused! I charged it before we left! I don't understand.
  • Found a coffee shop and plugged in phone and camera. Bought hot chocolate so I wouldn't feel bad about using their electricity. Now feel bad about spending my money. 16oz. Hot chocolate: $2.75. Dang. Don't wanna do that again. Now waiting for stuff to charge.
  • Wish I had brought a book to read. Right now I suck at drawing. That happens sometimes.
  • At  the animal park waiting for camera to charge again. Frustrating but oh well. Very happy to have a camera at all. Got some awesome shots of the turkeys! Think I'll trek back to the tartus (Rav 4) soon.
  • Pretending I'm Dr. Who. Complete with umbrella. Need sonic screwdriver though.
  • These smoked chedder / Monterey Jack Cheezit Duoz are intense!
  • I tried to take a short cut back. Had to go through brush that was taller than me. Half-way through I hit a stream too wide to step over or jump across . Didn't want to go around. Rolled up pants and waded through. ICE. COLD. Knee deep! Didn't realize...
  • Made it through. Hiked across an enormous field. Then realized my "short cut" ran parellel to the solid dry road I'd walked earlier and it wasn't far from me. ...oops...
  • Tired walking back. Shoulders not used to hours of backpacking. Legs sore.
  • Stopped at the dollar store for beef jerky and junk food. The jerky says, "Congratulations! In your hands you hold the world's finest Beef Jerky!" I laughed because it came from the dollar store.
  • I'm tired of rain.
  • Charged stuff at McD's then took some night pictures.
  • Bought a few groceries to last the weekend and now I might read and sleep soon.
Day 02: Friday
  • Woke up to strange dreams and noisy garbage trucks. Still kind of dark out.
  • Brushed teeth and charged camera and phone at Wood Coffee shop again while reading comic book.
  • Spent time with the Lord in Rav 4. Sun is out now. Might sleep more and then see if the buffalo are still at that house Gerie showed me last year. If so, it's photo time again.
  • It's night now and I'm probably going to sleep in this Best Western parking lot in Bellingham. I did take the buffalo pictures, then went to B-Ham's Best Buy and bought a new camera battery. It works fine now.
  • Took some pictures around the Whatcom Campus and then had lunch with Gerie and the two girls she's babysitting.
  • Then I got lost and then I went to fairhaven, taking more pictures.
  • Now I'm at Bellingham and just got back from a walk downtown. Downhill too. ugh, I'm sore. Sore-ba-dore. I think I'll sleep now.
  • Got too scared. Too many amtrack cops patrolling the place. Back at Haggen in Ferndale.
  • Actually Ferndale scares me too but not as much as Bellingham. It wouldn't be so bad in my car, but I'm in  Gerie's car with no insurance so I'm trying not to encounter cops at all.
  • Plus I like the wilderness around Ferndale. Cities have too many people. I like to be in seclusion. I think people scare me more than wild animals. Honestly. Sleep time.
Day 03: Saturday
  •  Charged phone and stuff at McD's. Was able to showe at YMCA. Felt kinda weird.
  • Parked at Haggen and began adventures. Ended up walking back along road leading to animal park.
  • Took pictures in forest and stuff. Also took detour to Fragerance Gardens.
  • Glad I did 'cause they had this awesome ridiculously long walkway of wooden planks zigzagging through these really tall bushes and water flooding right up to the edge of the wooden planks. It was like straight out of Myst. And my dreams. And my childlike imagination, heh.
  • I couldn't walk the whole thing 'cause it was flooded at some points. It was probably my most favoritest thing I saw all weekend.
  • It's been raining all day. I think I'd be dead without Gerie's umbrella, heh.
  • Speaking of death, some wet mudy parts of the wooden walkway were slippery as ice and since there were no rails, one slip up would be trouble. So I had to be careful.
  • By the time I left the Frag Garden (if only it was really called that.) my legs were exhausted. I'd done a lot of walking.
  • I debated taking the road home or heading to the animal park and then the alleged "boat launch" in hopes that there would be another road home from there. ('cause I thought I saw a sign stating that there was?)
  • Asked myself if I was a "Planet Earth" photographer willing to risk it all for an awesome photo opportunity.....or a LITTLE BABY!??
  • Decided I was a planet Earth photographer and went to the animal park. Could barely walk by the time I got there. So exhausted. Legs dying.
  • Sat in the wooden tower to rest. Ate dollar store trail mix. Kwality.
  • Stretched out after my search for the "Boat Launch." Thought I found it! But it was a trail to a sandy beach.
  • Found a swamp boat!
  • Walked shoreline hoping I'd find the boat launch. Shoreline ended. Had to cut a trail through thick forest and prickle bushes to get back to animal park road.
  • Wondered if I'd make it or get eaten alive by forest.
  • Made it.
  • Found new trail and hoped it'd lead me to this mysterious "boat launch" which probably didn't exist.
  • Walked forever.
  • Rain and wind had picked up. Pantlegs were soaked. So tired....
  • Suddenly realized I was on the other side of Thursday's "shortcut!" Realized my "shortcut" through the 7 foot tall weeds and knee deep ice cold stream was right between two solid perfectly good roads, both leading to the same place!
  • I'm dumb.
  • Decided the shortcut was worth the adventure anyway.
  • FINALLY got back to town! Tromped back to the car exhausted, sore, and soaked.
  • Just drank a caesar salad. Had no fork and didn't want to go get one so I just poured it into my mouth from the bag, haha.
  • I'd felt sick from too many pringles and cheez-its, and salad was the only of which the thought didn't make me queasy.
  • Supposed to meet Ger at 8:30am tomorrow so I'm going to try and sleep early tonight. For now, it's back to reading I guess.