Sunday, August 29, 2010

The new WACOM logo offends me. It genuinely offends me. It is, hands down, the most atrocious logo I have ever seen, and it irritates me that it's being used by a company who sells drawing tablets to DESIGNERS. Tablets that are for drawing so you don't have to use things like powerpoint or ms paint to make your logos!

I know the 2012 Olympics logo was bad, but it is a beautiful work of art compared to the WACOM logo. Somebody needs to put a stop to Wolff Olins work (their website is atrocious too, by the way,) and put an end to this destructive design behavior before it gets out of control! I don't want a future filled with logos plastered everywhere, which were designed with pathetic software in under five minutes! With no thought towards balance, colors, structure, or appeal!

Now, not all of their work is bad. The New York City logo is just whatever. Nothing special but not unappealing. I mean they do some ugly things with it, but the design itself is just fine.

And the idea of the AOL logo intrigues me, to have an invisible name on a white space background, only to be made visible when something passes behind it. Much of the things that pass behind make no sense and can be ugly or stupid, but the idea is interesting.

Unilever looks good.

But WACOM? Really guys??