Saturday, February 14, 2009

Today was weird. I went into work and there were already people there eating. The first odd thing I noticed was a heart on the board in the advertisement for the drink special. A mocha or something. I thought it was odd because hearts usually represent healthy stuff or something like on Oatmeal containers, and mom doesn't usually use them. I ignored it.
The next odd thing I noticed was that mom was wearing a heart necktie that day. I didn't put the two hearts together, I just thought it was funny that she was wearing a tie. (she'd just bought a bag of ties recently for...some reason. She's mom.)
Later I noticed that mom was giving away brownies to the customers for free. It was odd but I assumed she was just sampling them for feedback or something?
The next odd thing was that we were SERIOUSLY BUSY!! Mom finally had to call Megan in to help, 'cause we were packed for hours and the rush wasn't slowing. I was like, "Man, what a weird day this is! Did people just get their paychecks or something??"

Finally mom said something about it being Valentines Day and I was like, "It's Valentintes Day!!" and they were like, "...yeeeaaah." and slowly but surely as I looked around the room, things started fading into the picture--the hearts, the free brownies, the attire, the tons of people (mostly couples), everything started to make sense!

It was weird, man.
P.S. The stupid thing is I've known all week that Valentines Day was coming up and I still forgot. =\


K. H. said...

you need a girlfriend to remind you constantly that romantic holidays are approaching

Sir Brian The Manly said...

Without a girlfriend I won't need to know romantic holidays are approaching. >_>

Greg said...

It's okay - I hate valentines day (or should I say: SINGLES AWARENESS DAY) for said reason. If it weren't for that I probably wouldn't even remember that it happened.