Friday, December 19, 2008

My F*refox, which supposedly had hit its final update, just installed more updates. o_O

I've never been a fan of workbooks. Like for Sunday School classes and Bible studies and stuff. Why can't we just read the Bible and talk about it? Why do we have to fill in the blanks and write down what we think about the questions in the book? I don't want to hand write my answers and then tell people what I wrote, I want to just say it. Formalities and procedures also annoy me at times. Lets just be friends discussing God's word, not coworkers in a business meeting. =þ I'm sure it's all fine and nothing to complain much about, so long as people are growing. I just like it better without that stuff.

I would love to fast-forward my life right now too. Although at the same time, at least emotions and difficult situations keep my life unboring, eh? Hmm.


PassiveAssassin said...


didn't you watch the movie CLICK? or at least the trailer for that movie??? FIRST HE WAS YOUNG, THEN LATER HE WAS OLD!!!!!!!!

Sir Brian The Manly said...

Eew, don't compare my life to anything that has to do with Adam Sandler. =P

I did hear the Odyssey episode though, where he kept fastforwarding and then he was talking to the elderly dude and he said, "I'm old!" and the guy was like, "Yep." and he was like, "But I don't wanna be old!" and the guy said, "Bummer, ain't it?"

Father Cory said...

Writing down things actually sometimes help to retain information better and at times helps to get things out of Scripture we wouldn't have seen originally. In my Old Testament class this last semester we had to do worksheets on all of the storyline books, and it helped to see the smaller details and the contexts and much much more. So yeah, sometimes it can be tedious, but if done right, it helps to push beyond the surface of what's there into the deeper things.