Sunday, October 19, 2008

So after not being impressed with the movie, I watched to special features hoping they could explain themselves and found this...

Everything bad about the movie was because of George Lucas.
Bugging Spielberg to make a 4th Indy movie: Muchly George's idea
The interdimensional alien mans: George's idea
The son of Indy, who originally was originally going to be a daughter: George's idea
The original title Indian Jones and the Saucer Men: George's idea

Everything good about the movie was Steven Spielberg's idea.
NOT wanting to make a 4th movie in the first place: Steven's idea
Trying desperately to say NO ALIEN MANS: Steven's idea
Turning the daughter into a son: Steven's idea
Making sure the movie actually had a decent title: Steven's idea

So now Spielberg's on my list of forgiven people and Lucas is on my list of fat people.