Monday, October 20, 2008

See, here's the lovely black widow that was about to attack my van...I had Bethany kill it with a 2x4.

And then here's our new McDonalds. It's a bit drafty inside and you have to find a place to sit amidst all that rubble, but they have better service now. ;)

In other news, The Happening really wasn't that bad as far as cinematography and stuff was concerned. It just had a really really really terrible story. =P


K. H. said...

If there's anything I DONT miss about that house (besides not having windows or cold water..)...its the black widows.

Amelia said...

ha. the happening was the biggest piece of environmentalist propoganda I've EVER seen in my LIFE. it was disappointing.

Bethany said...

you are incapable of dropping a 2X4 on a spider....from 3 feet away.

thank goodness you have me.