Friday, August 22, 2008

Heads up, habaneros! There's a NEW DECAYING LAWN SONG OUT!! You can either head for the hills or check it out at our purevolume site. ^_^
(Also, there are some songs from our first album that weren't previously available online, and as a bonus feature, they're all downloadable! KAPOW!!

Hardcore Jonny Talks Too Much by Decaying Lawn


bobby said...

What is this Talk Jonny thing anyways?

Anonymous said...

taht guys kool man hes straitedge but he dosnt hav blak shirt. o well nyeways about talk jonny there prety good. r u a jonny talker bobby?

- hardcore jonny

Charhead said...

hardcore jonny... you talk too much.

Father Cory said...

Holy freaking crap.

Stop destroying my ears.