Friday, July 11, 2008

I don't know if this is public knowledge or not, but I haven't slept in my bed in months. I've been sleeping on the floor in what is now my ex-computer room for a long time, using a sleeping bag as a mattress. I just like it better for some reason. Well anyway, last night, I was somehow inspired to upgrade from the floor to a bed. So now I've got this fancy new bed that I slept in for the first time last night. It's great! Very...solid. The only problem is it's in the living room. Hmmmm...Also mom says I shouldn't be sleeping on a table or else somebody might come in and operate on me one night. o_O

P.S. Also, my doorknob is now fixed, and we took out my broken window remnants and put up a board instead. My house is almost secure again! ..ish.


K. H. said...

why put in a board when you already have the glass?

Sir Brian The Manly said...

Turns out, the previous window actually was in a frame, and since we'd cut ours to fit without a frame, it was therefore to small, and so instead of buying enough wood things to fill in where the frame was, dad just decided to bag the window idea and sandwich some insulation between two boards.

K. H. said...

oh. cool.