Friday, April 04, 2008


Today was absurdly busy, but you wouldn't care about that. And last night I dreamed of zombies and weddings like all night long. Anyway, I've started working on setting new trends for the new upcoming decade. Here's what I've done thus far...

This style mildly imitates that of the band Family Force 5, and includes the use of very large sunglasses, sleeveless (or you can roll up the sleeves) tee or polo shirt, and a pair of highly noticeable snow gloves. One glove is cool too, but try to keep your bare hand in your pocket most of the time.

This rugged but new age style is quite the eye catcher! Basic requirements include military clothing worn over top of something simple and casual. Sci-fi glasses add flare, while the baseball cap (or any simple hat you choose) adds to the casual underlayer.


Father Cory said...

I might be running through clothes stores tomorrow just to come up with some stuff like that XD

Hugh said...

personally i think chain mail and epic cloaks should come back into fashion.