Monday, March 26, 2012

These questions are too big for me

Is the purpose of everything in the long run to glorify God because it is right and just and appropriate?
If so why?
Is it fitting and just because of rules He made or is that just the way things exist?
Either way, why?
Does God ever get bored or antsy? Is Him being glorified truly satisfying and fulfilling to Him?
Is it just us and the realms of the invisible or are there other worlds, other reasons, other stories?
It ties into the questions of does God exist in time? Or is he outside time, or did he create time, or is time even real?
Where did God come from or has never not existed? If he's never not existed then how and why is that the way it is?
If I even had the answers to these questions and if I could understand and comprehend them, would it change the way I live?
Would it change the way I am?
Obviously I don't have power or I would be able to answer these questions, so if I'm powerless why am I here, it all circles back to the start...