Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Some ideas for you pie makers out there. YOU know who you are.

Gerie: ok think hard about this. if you could go to a store and make your own pie. what would it be? like your dream pie??
Sent at 7:15 PM on Tuesday

me: o_o
Sent at 7:19 PM on Tuesday

Okay okay, I'll think harder. =\
Sent at 7:21 PM on Tuesday

Gerie: lol honey it has to be something not made out of a animal
Sent at 7:23 PM on Tuesday

me: I don't know, my DREAM pie is just like apple or pumpkin lol. As far as what tastes good anyway. But if I could actually invent my own pie it would be something really bizarre like Apple Meringue or Raspberry Kiwi or something weird like that.
Or Strawberry pineapple!
or Blueberry Vanilla!

Gerie: lol k

me: What do I do, do I have to choose something?

Gerie: you can... or I can choose one of those for you

me: okay. do you want more options? ^_^

Gerie: suree lol
Sent at 7:29 PM on Tuesday

me: Raspberry Vanilla!
Orange Meringue!
Blackberry Pineapple!
Chocolate Orange!
Peach Raspberry!
Chocolate Apple!
Peanut Butter Apple!
Apple Lime!
Blackberry Lime!
Does that suffice? lol
Sent at 7:37 PM on Tuesday

Gerie: lol yes!


Hugh said...

are you making a challenge to pie makers?