Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dear Pride,

You and I have seen a lot of years together
As you know, I have such strong feelings for you
You make my heavy load a bag of feathers
You always seem to know just what I want to do

But things are changing now and we cannot go on
Your temporary fixes have been weighing me down
Every single road you lead me ends up so wrong
You run me off the path and crash us into the ground

You know how much I love you, it hurts to let you go
But I really must consider what is best for myself
Your mansion is so very beautiful, I know
But there’s more to consider in life than your wealth…

If you have any questions about our parting ways
You can find me with Humility, a friend with whom I’m staying
We’re in a modest little home, in which he often prays
So if you come by, please wait and don’t interrupt our praying.

I know this really hurts, please forgive me for this letter
Forgive me for your broken heart and turning away
But I honestly believe that all of this is for the better
I’m sure there are many other people with whom you can stay

And so this is goodbye, now let’s go our separate ways
It’s best you do not visit me or contact me at all
I must ask that we forget each other every time I pray
So please be kind and stay on your own side of the wall

Okay, I’m really going now, these are my parting words
Don’t think of me, I’ll be just fine, and even if I cry
I have new friends to comfort me, and help me to move onwards
So this is it, I’ll take my leave, and say no more—goodbye.

Sincerely, Brian