Monday, December 07, 2009

Sometimes I feel like these crazy new operating systems are like a democratic government. Like O/Ses are heading in the same direction as our nation. Generally and perhaps stereotypically speaking, a democratic government is more involved in the people's lives, helping them pay for stuff, making things "easier" for people. With these new operating systems, it seems like things are getting more automated and "helpful" for the user. Like instead plugging a flash drive and opening a window so I can manually transfer photos, music, etc. Windows FUTURE edition wants me to open Microsoft Windows EZ Photo Share PLUS deluxe edition 30-day-trial demo so that I can transfer my photos quickly, efficiently, and easily with minimal hassle! So easy that a grandma could do it maybe!

Now in some cases it's okay, like when it allows for the same hands-on operation but in a more efficient manner. When using the IE6 browser, I used to have to go into the source code or the image properties to get the image link. Now with Firefox or Google Chrome, I can just right click and get the image link. Or view the image. It's quick and easy! That's fine. But new software for burning CDs, software that pops-up and has big mismatching colorful buttons for easy efficient use bugs me. I just want a folder to open, so I can drop stuff in. And I don't want Windows to protect me from "my own stupidity." I want to be able to open my Programs and Windows folders, and change my clock time, and move stuff around, and designate my own folders for my documents, and pictures, and music, without any sort of confirmation or administrative passwords necessary. Instead it feels like everything's being done for me in a way that I don't want it done. I know I can customize the O/S more to my liking, but I don't want to have to.

It seems like people are too ignorant and lazy to learn how to do things manually, so the O/S tries to cater to their ignorance and serve everything on an EZ silver platter PRO 3.0, which makes things more of a hassle for those who want it the old way, because we have to try and maneuver around it all. Many times I would be happy to use the automated versions, but it's not as customizable or hands-on as I would like, and that's primarily why it's annoying. It feels like my control is really limited with such "improvements."

That's all I wanted to say. This isn't an essay, it's my blog, so I'm not going to think up a closing paragraph.