Saturday, August 15, 2009

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In celebration of this 1000th post, I shall write a potry for Father Cory since he's been with me since the beginning.

Back when we were n00bs, all the Internets was new
And the message boards were ours, so we ran around and p00ned
And quizzing was a white board where we could create our madness
But now we realize we were n00bs and so look back in sadness
Oh the poor dear girls we hit on; oh the poor terms we abused
And telling Gryphon "Pronounce it PWN" but no, he just refused...
Super Cheez and Duct Tape Man both make me cringe, yet laugh
Oh the horrible comics and movies we'd made with things like Flash
The IRC channels and late night n00b attacks were so epic back then
And looking back, though they were lame, I'd do them all again.
Metnal's in the graveyard now, I doubt it rests in peace
The poor abused forums where all h*ck had been unleashed!
The Sh*m bots wreaking havoc and Miss Monerz the Pusher Robot
And the Coggins and the Floydster and other thing I'm sure I've forgot(ten)
So many weird memories of which I should not boast
Except on special occasions like this 1000th blog post. ^_^

The end.


Father Cory said...

I freaking LOVED it.

Sir Brian The Manly said...

Edit edit edit. I wrote it during work so I had to hurrys. Hence the mistakes and missing words. Fix'd.

Charhead said...

As the secret contributor to this blog that no one remembers (or cares) can post here, I should've stolen the 1000th post for myself. =(