Friday, May 08, 2009

I'm sitting on the Lucero's dog again this weekend. Hopefully I'll have some exciting adventures but equally hopefully I won't slice my leg open on any barbed wire fences this time.

Now it's time for my Vu review...or my reVU.
It's great! That's all. Well actually it really shines if you're using the Internet because it's a touch screen and all so that's handy. It's not an iphone but I also only paid $150 for it so how do you like them Apples? (I only said that for puns' sake.) The touch screen keyboard takes a looot of getting used to. It's an exercise in patience until you get the hang of it. The battery takes seven years to charge but then it lasts seven years (unless you're watching TV episodes on your phone, then it only lasts 2-3 years.) It sucks for playing games because there's no keypad, so instead you get four screen arrows, one button, two menu buttons, and then you can usually assign your call, clear, and maybe camera buttons for stuff too. Keypad is better though. It'd be hard to play Street Fighter II on this phone like I did with my last LG. ^_^

That's all for now, kids! Come join us next time for another exciting adventure!