Monday, March 30, 2009

I bought this ridiculous coat at Goodwill for like six moneys. It has 3 unzippable layers, an optional fur collar (with a wrap around feature) an inner pocket on the innermost layer, an inner pocket on the outer layer, the middle layer is an optional vest, and the innermost layer has holes under the sleeves so it too can be sleeveless if you so desire. The outer layer also has zippers up the sides because being able to open the sides of your coat is uhhh...important. Either that or the manufacturers had zippers to spare. It also weighs about ten pounds. I'm even pretty sure there are secret passageways I have yet to discover inside this coat! (And fortunately it works well with the Russianadian Hat, eh.)

Here are some bad quality pictures. =D


Collar wrapped around (o_O)

Giant zipper

Zipper for the Innermost layer

Zipper for the Middle layer


Bethany said...

uuuh....that is so you. SO YOU.


Chuckles McGjefle said...

Dude, don't listen to her. That thing is awesome! SO epic!

Sir Brian The Manly said...

Too bad it's not Winter anymore. =)