Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Here are some birthday week highlights. ^_^

My daily levitation
This one cracks me up
Bethany Bow
Coke Blak should be called Coke Blech. =)
I tried to counteract the flowers in my hair by wearing manly shades.
pwnin' pineapple plant at wal-mart
"Gotta have that basil!"
Time to be serious!
I bought these glasses because Rosanne told me to and they were only $10 but I've actually grown fond of them.
I need this throne in my bedroom. Then I'd be gnawing on my 7" blade all the time as I ponder great things. XD
This bug was crazy-h00ge!!!
It's just..us.
oh man, she's uhhh...so cool?

It happens.


meeeeee said...

so uhhh, why are we so cool?

Sir Brian The Manly said...

because we're AWESOME!!

Father Cory said...

It happens.


Amber said...

Good pictures! Now that I haven't seen you guys for a few years, I'm actually starting to miss you. Quizzing is like college - fun while it lasts, but when you graduate, you never again see all the friends you made and you're left more empty than when you started.